Laser Hair Removal

About Laser Hair Removal

Our advanced laser hair removal system utilizes a sapphire platform with Advanced Contact Cooling to help protect the skin and keep the treatments comfortable. Additionally, it’s advanced Photon Recycling with its uniform beam profile allow for the most thorough destruction of hair follicles, reducing the need for multiple, overlapping passes which make traditional treatments so time-consuming and uncomfortable. With our system, we can comfortably treat large areas like the entire back in just 10-15 minutes.


The Protocol

Our treatments begin by using an integrated Skintel Melanin Reader, the only FDA-cleared melanin reader, which allows us to more safely optimize our hair removal treatment protocols by tailoring to each client’s actual pigmentation. The treatment itself is very well tolerated with the sapphire cooling during the laser process. As the treatment only targets the active hair follicles growing at that time, a series of treatments is required to get a complete result.


The Results

Results can actually be seen after as little as just one treatment with this most advanced form of laser hair removal. With this being said, a series of monthly treatments is recommended until the hair stops growing dark/thick hair all together.

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